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MCFCForum : Manchester City's best fans forum.

Hi, and welcome to Manchester City's most exciting and vibrant fans website.  Providing News, Reviews and a fans forum that City fans MCFCForum : Manchester City fans forum and websitehave been clamouring out for over the last few years.  Recognised as a friendly and inviting place to discuss all things Manchester City and Manchester in general we have built a strong following of Man City fans who want to debate the goings on in and around Mancester City.

Since the beginning MCFCForum was designed primarily as a fans forum and this still lies at the heart of our website.  The forum provides the basis for fans to visit every day to discuss Manchester City, the club, the players, the team, the atmosphere and how things could be done better.  The forum is moderated but in a way which doesn't interfere with the everyday questions posted by our members.  The moderators and admins are there to help users and ensure that the heated and vibrant discussions do not over-step the mark and become abusive whilst fully expressing their views.  

The forum is now only a part of what we do,  our extremely popular Question and Answer session was a great hit in 2010 and 2011 has seen us extend this out from past players to people who are associated with Manchester City.  Our news section and spoof Lucky to Get Nil articles have also been well received across the breadth of Man City fans who stumble across them on google.  Our heavy involvement on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have also brought in a whole new way of viewing the site as a whole and our resident arcade king Ryan Corless needs a new challenger.  

If you are just visiting our forum as a guest and not signed up you are missing out on some of the great things MCFCForum has to offer.  As we move through the pre-season to what could be Man City's greatest season yet we would look forward to you sharing this momentous time with MCFCForum.  

MCFCForum LogoWe want to hear, see, feel and share with all Manchester City fans throughout.the 2011-2012 season.{jcomments off}

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